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Company Organization Chart

VisualTime allows you to automatically create the organization chart of your organization.

  • Creates the structure
  • Assign Managers
  • Define standard or specific permissions
  • Create custom groups
  • Link HR processes and the organizational chart will automatically update who is responsible for approval or oversight.

Key Functions of VisualTime’s Organizational Chart

  • Organize your company hierarchy visually in just a few clicks.
  • Assigns different levels of command
  • Creating Multiple Organization Charts
  • Import the data you need
  • Detailed customization of permissions
  • Approval of vacations and absences by managers
  • Confirmation of the signing of the day’s dependents
  • Creation and approval of training plans

Benefits of the VisualTime Flowchart

Each organization has its own specific characteristics, that’s why VisualTime’s Organizational Chart is so powerful, because it gives you all the options to make its behavior fit intelligently to you.

  • Your employees can report to one or several people
  • Managers can carry out the procedures of subordinate supervisors
  • VisualTime Automatically Accept or Deny requests by rules
  • Synchronized with the management of Onboarging and Training for Managers
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Why VisualTime and its Organizational Chart?

Data privacy is our priority. VisualTime keeps the data of the members of the organization safe

  • We have the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • 100% secure and reliable GDPR compliance
  • Simplifies chains of command
  • Automatic setting of permissions for new employees
  • Visualization of the different organizational charts with filters

Some of the 4,500 organizations that trust us

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We have the perfect plan for you:

  • VisualTime Zero – Free solution for Micro Businesses
  • VisualTime One – The solution for SMEs
  • VisualTime Advanced – For organizations of all sizes and industries
  • VisualTime Premium – For the most demanding organisations

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