Advice on Time Management policies

Only the most experienced time management professionals have the necessary knowledge to carry out this type of consulting effectively. VisualTime is the only company in the market that offers this service in a 100% practical way.

Our experience helping organizations of countless sectors and sizes to manage their time allows us to advise you so that both the company, those legally responsible for the workers and the employees themselves can know in advance the logical and legal conditions for the registration of the working day or reach agreements to avoid disagreements. It is also very useful for coordinating agreement negotiations, confrontations, strengthening the commitment to the company, etc.

Data Protection Advice

Our specialists help you to solve doubts related to the processes of adaptation to the Data Protection regulations in your organization, as well as day-to-day queries.

  • Actions to be taken into account in the process of adaptation of the regulations
  • How to implement legal clauses
  • Data protection protocols and procedures
  • Risk analysis
  • Exercise of rights
  • Contract review
  • Consultations on operations involving the processing of personal data

Security Advice

Complementary to the established Security Policies, and within the scope of access control, this Consultancy is ideal for companies that want to reinforce the security of their employees and their facilities while maintaining the simplicity and comfort, with the efficiency that VisualTime offers.

  • We listen to your needs
  • We study the interior and exterior environment
  • We dimension the necessary investment
  • We look for the most suitable identification methods

VisualTime facilitates Digital Disconnection Policies

VisualTime makes it easy for you to organise your teams’ working day and to set up alerts in case of non-compliance with the breaks you establish in order to respect both these breaks and the maximum duration of the working day and to ensure Digital Disconnection.

For example, in Spain, Digital Disconnection is regulated in art.18 of RDL 28/2020 on Remote Work, which grants the right to digital disconnection in both total and partial teleworking in order to facilitate family reconciliation, urging companies to create a specific internal policy that guarantees it.


Stay up to date on current regulations with VisualTime Academy

VisualTime Academy is a dynamic space where you will learn, from anywhere, about the current work situation. We teach you how to manage time in your organization in an efficient and flexible way. You will learn about all the new developments affecting employee time management in organizations, regulations, VisualTime functionalities, and much more.

We also advise you on all the latest trends in work, new regulations and guidelines. Do you really know how to manage an ERTE or recoverable paid leave? Do you have doubts about the telework law? What is an equality plan? Our experts are at your side helping you and giving you the tools for optimal time management.

Emergency and Evacuation Report

Improve your Emergency and Security Plan by having an accurate and real time control of the personnel in your facilities.

VisualTime has a Priority Emergency Report, which allows you to know who is inside at the moment of a situation that requires evacuation.

It is also possible to organise by evacuation points, making it easier to identify and ensure your staff are out and safe.

VisualTime does not rely on local servers exposed to damage, but is hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud and allows you to extract the emergency report wherever and whenever you need it.


Complete control over Personnel and PRL Documentation

Occupational Risk Prevention for staff is often a concern for organisations. VisualTime allows a complete control over the access of own or external personnel to the different facilities of the company depending on the state of its PRL documentation.

  • Allow/Deny access
  • Receive real-time alerts of non-compliances
  • Guarantee of compliance with safety regulations
  • Control of the documentation of both internal and external personnel.
  • Easy integration with other tools
  • Multi-company with different PRL

Document Manager

Forget about paperwork and digitize all HR documentation with a centralized and collaborative solution.

  • VisualTime frees you from depending on the calendar and alerts you when you need to intervene.
  • Distribute payslips easily and securely, reducing costs and employees can access them anytime, anywhere
  • Streamlines the management of documentation linked to an absence
  • Medical certificate, sick leave certificate, census in case of transfer, …etc.
  • In the event of an absence, VisualTime asks the user for the corresponding documentation, the user takes a photo of the document, sends it, the manager validates it, and everything is centralized.
  • With VisualTime you will be up to date on the documentation of the absenteeism status.
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Advanced search engine to find in seconds the document you are looking for.

Internal communication

It facilitates the dissemination of content and information of interest to your team, encourages their participation and allows knowledge sharing in an agile and simple way.

VisualTime, a single platform to centralize all the communications you need to send, obtaining a unified vision.
Maintain the company style and culture in all your communications and motivate your team.

  • Sending HR documentation
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Internal assessments: work climate, team alignment, personnel,…
  • Optional acknowledgement of receipt
  • Required response if you need it
  • Set read or reply deadline
  • Statistics
  • Transparency

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