All the Training Management of your organization unified in a visual and simple solution.

VisualTime offers you full traceability of your employees’ courses, trainings, competences and evaluations.

  • Detects training needs by conducting surveys
  • Find competency gaps in your performance appraisals and create customized training plans
  • Monitor and track training actions and their cost.
  • See who has completed the course, who has it pending and how much they have left to go
  • Keep track of the cost of each course
  • Plan and monitor the progress and cost of each training activity, including those eligible for reimbursement.
  • Design your own system for managing the learning and professional development of your team members.
  • Listen to your team and offer them training tailored to their needs.
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Key features in Training Management

  • Visualize the progress of each employee in their courses, if they have something pending or how far they are from finishing.
  • Evaluates the knowledge acquired after each training
  • Customize the data you need: course name, cost, process status, location, type of training, start date, duration… and add personalized information for each employee.
  • Include your catalogue of available courses

Benefits of managing your training offer with VisualTime

  • Update the skills of your employees and carry out a continuous evaluation.
  • Detects training needs with HR surveys and creates training plans
  • Controls the training itinerary depending on the role
  • Boost your team’s career plans with the right tools
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Why VisualTime and its Training Management System?

Because it allows you to design the path to success that your company needs with training plans that will boost the productivity of your workers.

VisualTime allows you to monitor your training actions and check if the objectives of the courses are achieved or if they need to be changed.

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