Payroll Distribution

VisualTime’s new Document Manager allows you to massively upload documents and even deliver, in a secure and confidential way, the payroll to your employees in an automated and secure way.

  • Sending and requesting signature of: payslips, withholding certificates, contracts, etc.
  • Integration of receipts and expenses on the remuneration statement
  • Employees can view their payslips from the App
  • Consult KPIs to improve decision making: rotation, absenteeism, equality plan…

Automated Ticket and Expense Management

All your team’s expenses under control with VisualTime that allows you to enjoy an advanced and simplified accounting management, adding rules and configuring customized validation flows.

  • Expense Notes
  • Overheads
  • Online expenses
  • Diets
  • Mileage
  • Travel and Displacements

For the employee:

  • Submit your expenses conveniently and from anywhere with the VisualTime app.
  • Access your expense history in a transparent and easy way.
  • You benefit from a streamlined approval process
  • Forget about collecting all paper tickets

For the Organization:

  • Minimizes management time
  • Real control of expenses
  • Eliminates paper storage
  • Creates company expense policies

VisualTime Integrations

VisualTime’s data binding is bidirectional and supports state-of-the-art open standards such as XML. This is especially useful for sending to your company’s own programs on a one-time or recurring basis.

VisualTime links time and attendance data and time spent on tasks with multiple payroll and ERP systems as it has certified and approved links with the main payroll programs.

Configure the VisualTime data link and ensure an open system that allows you to import and export data easily.


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