What is People Analytics?

The most powerful tool for the Global Personnel Management of your organization.
Automate all data analytics quickly, to find simple answers to complex business questions.

  • Create your own studies and modify existing ones
  • With Equality and Absenteeism Plan Indicators
  • Overschedule alerts
  • Export data to PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV or PNG in one click
  • Share your studies with the team

VisualTime Genius

Discover the powerful Business Intelligence engine that VisualTime incorporates for data analytics. All the information you need, synthesized in real time so you can spend your time on what really matters: People.
Genius takes care of the rest…

  • KPI tracking
  • Customized reports
  • Indicators (Equality Plan, Absenteeism, Excess of hours…)
  • Query predefined views
  • Analyzes trends and deviations
Genius VisualTime
people analytics visualtime resultados

Customized reports with Business Intelligence

VisualTime’s advanced reporting system allows you to analyze and export data to look for patterns, trends and deviations that will facilitate decision making and bring substantial improvements to the organization.

  • Create as many custom views as you want
  • Dynamic data aggregation
  • Data export in Excel or PDF
  • Clear presentations with multiple graphic possibilities

Interactive KPI Analysis

Behind good decisions there is always a better analysis of the data.
VisualTime includes a complete multidimensional viewer that allows you to create any view and grouping of data dynamically, and once you have identified the information that is important, export the results.

It includes predefined views for Time Management, Scheduling, Productivity or Tasks data, plus a 100% customizable view editor.

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