VisualTime, a new way of working in the Industrial Sector

A sector as demanding as the industrial sector needs tools that allow it to automate and streamline processes, facilitating the management of its teams. VisualTime is the leading solution that allows you to have an integral vision of your business at HR and Productivity level, in any of the branches of the industrial sector: Food, Automotive, Textile, etc?

VisualTime allows you to go further. We make it easier for you to control the working day, plan working hours and shifts, and manage any unforeseen events or absences not reported. Also, you will have control over the tasks, you will know exactly the cost of staff allocated to each Cost Center, you can track the KPI’s of the staff, and much more. All of the above becomes easy to manage thanks to our People Analytics, which allows you to see all the information, analysis, studies and reports of your organization’s data in an easy and useful way to make better decisions.

visualtime sector industrial

Preferred functionalities of industrial companies:

  • Smart Planner
  • Time and attendance, teleworking or mixed time control
  • Overtime Management
  • HR Management: Payroll Variables, Vacations, IT Dismissals, …
  • High security in Access Control by zones
  • Evacuation Report for Emergency Situations
  • Face tagging in physical location, with Temperature Control
  • PRL: Alerts between working days, Documentary Management
  • ERP and payroll integrations
  • Multi-agreement/multi-company

Specific solutions for managing time and staff in the Service Sector

Companies in the Service Sector are characterised by their agility and need maximum flexibility in terms of time and human capital management.

VisualTime is the tool that adapts perfectly to these needs. It makes it possible to offer a fully adaptive shift management, reducing the management tasks of the Managers, and ensuring compliance with the agreements. In addition, it allows employees to record their working day both teleworking and face-to-face, while Managers have access to task control and all the data analytics and automated reports, to make their management easier and more fluid.

In addition, VisualTime has powerful tools especially useful for Management and Human Resources that allow to know the work environment with HR surveys, and to maintain a fluid internal communication, allowing to send documents massively and even to deliver, in an automated, secure and confidential way, the payroll to the employees.

Sector servicios VisualTime

Preferred functionalities of companies in the Services Sector:

  • Intelligent Shift Planner
  • Flexibility and time pockets
  • Logging from anywhere with geolocation and photo
  • APP VisualTime Portal
  • Digital signature
  • On boarding
  • People Analytics
  • Who is working?

VisualTime for companies in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector

VisualTime’s solutions for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sectors allow an integrated and efficient management of time and personnel. Increasing flexibility in the teams that work in the office, as well as in the commercial teams with mobility or teleworking. VisualTime offers you a global vision, in real time and always adapted to the needs of your company, minimizing repetitive tasks with little strategic value.

Its intelligent scheduler makes it easy to create schedules and shifts while allowing employees the flexibility to switch between them. Managers have everything under control, both overtime control and productivity costs. They also have alerts for any unforeseen planning or absence. All this with the aim of increasing productivity and streamlining HR and production processes.

Our experts know well the needs of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector, which allows us to guide you to obtain the best performance, advise you on regulations and recommend the best practices in the management of time and your staff, as we have the experience of numerous similar implementations in the sector, which allows us to speed up the implementation so that you can start working with VisualTime in record time.

Discover how VisualTime helps you to efficiently manage time, people and talent in demanding organizations such as the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector, from a single platform.

visualtime sector laboratorio

Preferred functionalities of industrial companies:

  • Intelligent Shift Planner
  • Temperature control
  • Emergency Report
  • Access Control
  • Cost Centers
  • Payroll Variables (Link to ERP and Payroll)
  • IT Leaves
  • People Analytics
  • Documentary management (PRL)
  • Anywhere and anytime registration with geolocation and photo
  • Hybrid teams (factory + office-telework + commercial)

VisualTime takes Transportation and Logistics even further

Improve your warehouse and fleet operations with VisualTime and join more than 500,000 daily users. Centralize your dispersed team in a single solution, and optimize HR time.

Having a real control of effective working times for employees in transit is essential for you, that’s why VisualTime offers you the option of clocking in from any place and device, including APP and the option to geolocate those clockings, as well as the integration with tachographs.

VisualTime is the optimal solution for companies dedicated to the logistics and transport sectors, helping to implement a new way of managing time and people, and offering a reliable, efficient and agile tool to face the challenges of the sector.


Preferred functionalities of industrial companies:

  • Logging from anywhere and everywhere, optional geolocation and APP
  • Shift Planning
  • Who is working?
  • Reports with geolocation of signings
  • Integration with tachographs
  • Internal communication
  • Digital signature

Some of the 4,500 organizations that trust us

We have the perfect plan for you:

  • VisualTime Zero – Free solution for Micro Businesses
  • VisualTime One – The solution for SMEs
  • VisualTime Advanced – For organizations of all sizes and industries
  • VisualTime Premium – For the most demanding organisations

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