The Recruitment, Retention and development of your organization’s Talent in the same Platform, VisualTime

Control Talent Management with VisualTime

eclutamiento y seleccion

Recruitment and selection

Internal communication

The key solution to improve internal communication in your organization is VisualTime. Because good internal communication also means transparency

  • A portal that allows you to send communications to all your employees.
  • Scalable and 100% customizable
  • Two-way communication
  • Boosts employee engagement with the organization
gestion talento comunicacion interna
gestion talento evaluacion desempeno

Performance Evaluation

Get 360-degree visibility into the state of your organization and make decisions with qualitative data-driven assessments.

  • Different performance appraisal models adapted to your needs
  • A flexible and customizable tool to create your performance model
  • Automatic and centralised management of the results obtained in a single place
  • Customizable reports to measure performance KPIs and create your action plan
  • Performance evaluation by competencies or objectives
  • Motivate your staff and get the best out of your team


Performing a good Onboarding is essential, VisualTime allows you to generate that first professional and motivating impression for the new talents that join the team.

  • Have the whole process under control and centralized in a single platform.
  • Creates better experiences and enriches employee bonding
  • Allows you to reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks and focus on generating better experiences.
  • Create task flows and increase efficiency of results
  • Plan quickly and easily
  • Ensures smooth communication between HR and the other employees involved in the Onboarding process.
  • Customize and automate your welcome plan
  • Customize your own welcome plan
  • Assigns people responsible for completing tasks
  • Everyone will be informed about their pending tasks and the date by which they have to complete them.
gestion talento onboarding
gestion talento encuestasRH

HR Surveys

Having feedback from employees is essential to measure their satisfaction and to be able to improve the company culture.
Creating surveys with VisualTime allows you to receive responses in real time to maintain a smooth and hassle-free environment.

  • Easy to create and answer questionnaires
  • Automate shipping
  • Receive feedback in time and avoid potential conflicts before they occur.
  • Simple analytics of the collected information.
  • Spot trends to build your action plan
  • Get to know and improve the working environment

HR file

All your employees’ data grouped in a safe place and always up to date.

  • A single database with all employee documentation
  • Access from anywhere, on any device
  • Easy to manage
  • Customizable fields
  • Compatible with the Equality Plan
  • Custom reports and data export
gestion talento expedienteHR

Some of our users’ favorite solutions and functionalities

Our collaborative platform also offers you Time Management and People Management solutions, all in one place and at the click of a button.

icono gestion tiempo

Time management

Whether they are teleworking, in the office or in a mixed environment, you will be able to plan, automate and optimize your resources.
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icono gestion personas

People Management

Don't let cumbersome, manual processes divert your attention from key organizational goals.
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We have the perfect plan for you:

  • VisualTime Zero – Free solution for Micro Businesses
  • VisualTime One – The solution for SMEs
  • VisualTime Advanced – For organizations of all sizes and industries
  • VisualTime Premium – For the most demanding organisations

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