Telework is here to stay

Countries like Spain, already have regulations that legislate Telework.

Managing remote work no longer depends only on company policies, but has to be adapted to the regulations that intervene in issues such as:

  • Expenses, whether for tools, services or consumables
  • Availability rules
  • Means of control by the company
  • Negotiated instructions on PRL

VisualTime helps your organization to promote Telework with the guarantee that you are complying with the current regulations of your market.

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VisualTime solutions for Telework Management and Capacity Control

VisualTime is your ally to ensure compliance and to manage quickly and easily the hybrid work model, as well as to control the capacity of the workplace.

  • Know when users will perform home office or face-to-face work
  • Control how many workplaces are available each day/week/month in your office.
  • Allows employees and/or managers to select their office days
  • Ensures compliance with telework agreement

Forget about Excels and emails to organize and inform your teams and spend your time on the activities that really matter and generate value for your organization.

Benefits of implementing an Employee Portal

VisualTime is the perfect solution for Telework or hybrid work models in small, medium and large organizations that want to gain time, control and flexibility.

The Employee Portal allows to centralize the activity of employees without the need to go every day to the office, directly from the web or app, the employee can perform all their daily tasks.

Our collaborative platform allows you to comply with telework agreements in an agile way, guaranteeing legal compliance with current regulations.

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