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Having all the information on temporary incapacity and medical leave under control is the key to HR management.

The management of temporary disabilities or employee leaves is often a heavy task in the day-to-day work of HR professionals.

On the other hand, employees often find it difficult to deliver the requested documentation, especially if they are unable to travel to their workplace.

These situations are solved with the VisualTime sick leave manager and the APP with the employee portal.

Features of our Solution for Medical Leave Administration

Manage medical leaves in just a few clicks

  • Immediate two-way communication
  • Linked to the employee’s file
  • One-click sending of deregistration notices
  • Alerts to supervisors
  • Manage everything with a photo to the medical report
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Benefits of implementing VisualTime’s solution for Sick Leave Administration

With VisualTime you have all the documentation related to medical leave under control. Easy for the employee and for HR

  • Streamline communications of temporary incapacity or leave of absence
  • Personal and sensitive data well secured
  • Hassle-free procedures
  • Self-management by the employee
  • A photo of the medical report and with one click everything is ready.
  • CRM and payroll integration
  • Each Employee send documentation of their own leaves from the APP
  • Sending medical report with just a photo from your mobile phone
  • All documents on time and in the required format to be sent to Social Security or the administrative office

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We have the perfect plan for you:

  • VisualTime Zero – Free solution for Micro Businesses
  • VisualTime One – The solution for SMEs
  • VisualTime Advanced – For organizations of all sizes and industries
  • VisualTime Premium – For the most demanding organisations

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