Seguridad VisualTime

Complete control over personnel documentation and Occupational Risk Prevention.

Occupational Risk Prevention for staff is often a concern for organisations. VisualTime allows complete control over the access of your own or external personnel to your facilities, taking into account the status of their PRL documentation.

  • Allow/Deny access
  • Receive real-time alerts of non-compliances
  • Guarantee of compliance with safety regulations
  • Control of the documentation of both own staff and the entire chain of subcontracting companies that exist.
  • VisualTime integrates easily with other tools
  • Multi-company with different PRL

Transparently monitor and manage your security policies

VisualTime allows an efficient state-of-the-art access control that is specially designed and developed for organizations that want to reinforce the security of their employees and their facilities while maintaining simplicity and comfort.

  • Each Manager manages his team and receives alerts of possible infringement attempts in real time or with statistical reports.
  • Control and restriction of access to different zones or restricted areas, both for personnel and vehicles.
  • Compliance with the Occupational Risk Prevention Regulations, avoiding the entry of personnel with expired or incomplete documentation.
  • Improvement of the Emergency and Security Plan, having an exact and real time control of the personnel inside the facilities.
  • Restriction of access to the Data Processing Centre, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (LOPD).
Seguridad VisualTime

For your peace of mind, expert help

Complementary to the established security policies, and within the scope of access control, this consultancy is ideal for companies that want to reinforce the security of their employees and their facilities while maintaining the simplicity and comfort, with the efficiency that VisualTime offers.

  • We listen to your needs
  • We study the interior and exterior environment
  • We dimension the necessary investment
  • We look for the most suitable identification methods

Visitor Management with VisualTime

Reception, administration or security staff can quickly and efficiently manage all visits and authorisations to your premises. Having information about scheduled visits in advance makes it easier to coordinate the necessary preparations: arranging parking spaces, planning the reservation of meeting rooms,…

  • Define the types of visits you need
  • Store the information you want by type of visit.
  • Have a list of regular visitors
  • Customize fields with requirements definition, as needed
  • Information at a glance, visitor listings and customisable reports
  • Different levels of permissions according to users
  • The members of a visit are listed in the Emergency Report.
Emergencia y evacuación VisualTime

Emergency and Evacuation Report

Improve your Emergency and Security Plan by having an accurate and real time control of the personnel in your facilities.

VisualTime has a Priority Emergency Report, which allows you to know who is inside at the moment of a situation that requires evacuation.

It is also possible to organise by evacuation points, making it easier to identify and ensure your staff are out and safe.

VisualTime does not rely on local servers exposed to damage, but is hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud and allows you to extract the emergency report wherever and whenever you need it.

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  • VisualTime One – The solution for SMEs
  • VisualTime Advanced – For organizations of all sizes and industries
  • VisualTime Premium – For the most demanding organisations

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